"Opposition Kiddies"

by SingSallySing

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Sally plays Punkrock. An exercise in punk, hardcore and indie music.


released April 11, 2006

Recorded and mixed by Sascha Bühler from spring to spring 2005/2006 at Fun In The Morgue Studios; Performed by Sing Sally Sing, this time: Karin Bürkert (Voice), Sascha Bühler (Instruments, Voice, Arrangements); except ‘Paul Spooner…’, performed by Herrn Fahrstuhl (Synthesizer) and Sally (Synth&Programming) and recorded in Summer 2002; ‘Hard To Satisfy’ & ‘Worlds Apart’ originally performed by Frienderman’s Fish in 1993; ‘Summer Song’ originally performed by Vermin in 1993. All Songs by S. Bühler, except ‘Paul Spooner…’: Fahrstuhl/Bühler. Pictures/Artwork: Sascha Bühler.

© Fun in the Morgue Rec./Music from the Wooden House
℗ Fun in the Morgue Rec./Music from the Wooden House



all rights reserved


SingSallySing Tübingen, Germany

Formerly a solo homerecording project, SingSallySing from Tübingen/Stuttgart is now a little Band, consisting of Karin (singing, melodica), Mayte (bass guitar) and Sascha (guitar, singing, stuff).

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Track Name: All The Good Things
So now let’s start with a reason to keep pushing on / Now that winter in our valley has been far too long / The better-off citizens building fences to hide behind / And they forget about the hunger of you and your kind / Almost amused about the clichés that are forever true / The rich are getting richer and the poor are staying poor / Economic inhumanity, we’ve seen this before / I guess it’s about time for a decent war so we can / Play in the sun again / We’ll wash off the dirty rain / We’ll tear down what they’ve done wrong / And we’ll build up again what they’ve torn down / A neighbourhood, hope and belief / Warm light, glittering streets / A place worth living in, fair and true / Becomes reality for me and you / So now let’s act / Choose your aims and get ready and armed / With intelligence and humour, see how wisdom can harm / The dumb ‘elite’ minority which tries to take what is ours / But still we are the people, still we have the power / Sun Flowers Wheat Justice
Track Name: Summer Song
They say that healing takes its time / Another year has passed and that’s just fine / The sun is up and it’s warm outside today / And this deep loneliness won’t go away / Sitting on the balcony with a friend / There’s a bird and this evening never ends / The sky is beautiful, it’s coloured pink and blue / I feel dead inside and so are you / She came home one day and told me she could love / I have another cigarette, my friend takes tea / Even though he’s sitting here he’s so far from me / I haven’t felt quite so alone as I do right now / Spring’s back in town and I’ll have to go
Track Name: Falling
So that’s the place where I’ll be staying / A safe home with some new friends / And all the corporate games they’re playing / And all the hate comes to an end / You and I, we once were heroes / We would fly the friendly skies / Two hearts entwined in tough depression / And after all we were just falling / So now we’ve come to rest in this house / You’ll rest your heart and I’ll rest mine / Now let’s forget about this bullshit / Cause after all we were just falling
Track Name: Bitch's Bed
All things becoming black / I feel cold and numb / What is this that tastes like flowers / On the tip of my tongue? / Who is this that’s acting like that / Beating the fur so hard? / Is this some kind of punishment but / Who the fuck’s the punisher? / How the fuck did I become like this? / Ain’t I got better friends to fuck? / And how the fuck did I end up in this bitch’s bed? Bad luck, bad luck! / But all in all she’s had her fun and / All in all she’s had mine / Cold and numb I fall asleep in my bitch’s bed
Track Name: Children Come Home
How lost we were in those days we were young / And pretending that eloquent suffering was fun / In those late autumn days when it started to pour / Like hell on us little idiots / How empty we were / Full of words / Full of shit / Full of laughter / “I promise, this won’t hurt a bit” / But it did / And we were almost dying from the pain / Of our useless little poetry / How horny we were / With our bodies so sweet / And our sugar-coated lips / And our moans so deep down below / We almost believed we had a soul / But it was not even Rock’n’Roll / How stupid we were / How pretentious and sad / “New Bohemia”, my ass! / Now that it’s over I’m glad we don’t talk anymore
Track Name: Hard To Satisfy
So here we are now / With everything we want / But still we are not satisfied / Where do we go now / When every place we’re at / Seems to bore us after a while
Track Name: Worlds Apart
I look into your beautiful eyes / I turn my head and whisper goodbye / We drifted apart so far day bay day / It’s pointless now, so I will go away / Now that we’re worlds apart / But I don’t think this breaks my heart / It don’t matter much to me / You said ‘leave it’, so I let it be / But I won’t stumble, I won’t cry / It’s over now, so we’ll just say goodbye